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We set out with the idea that there is always a better way to build—and we continue to strive towards this goal to Build Better.  InterCon focuses on building lasting value in: our product, our relationships, and our reputation of competence and fairness.

Our Values

Competence – know your profession and deliver the best results.  We achieve this first by building a great team and then by continually improving through study and practice.

Commitment – do what it takes to get the job done and commit to building lasting relationships with clients, partners and subcontractors.

Clarity – be clear and accurate in communications and obligations.

Candor – be honest and transparent.

Clean – be fair, respectful, and beyond reproach in all that you do as a professional member of the team.


Safety & Risk Management

InterCon takes pride in the quality products and services we provide to our clients. A key element of our success is the safety and health of our employees. It is the policy of InterCon to provide a safe and healthy work environment free from accidents and injury to our employees, our customers, our subcontractors, and the public.


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