Self-Perform Concrete


InterCon’s success is built around the talent and dedication of its professionals. What sets InterCon apart from other contractors is its ability to self-perform up to 75% to 80% of the work that goes into completing our tilt-wall projects.


Because we are responsible for so much of the process, from the use of AUTOCAD in site development to the onsite production of concrete footings, slabs and tilt walls, we have great confidence in our ability to provide the highest standards of quality, scheduling, and cost effectiveness to our client. By self-performing critical activities, we know we will be able to complete — within budget and on schedule — a building that both InterCon and the owner will take pride in


BENEFITS: Quality concrete work is critical to the success of every construction project. Self-performing this critical task offers our owner/partners substantial benefits: it allows us to quickly identify and solve any challenges, implement plan revisions and efficiently reduce or eliminate subcontractor delays. By maintaining its own in-house concrete division, InterCon is able to control the three most important variables in construction: Quality, Cost and Schedule. By self-executing fundamental scopes of work, InterCon is able to set the tone and pace for each project.


QUALITY: Achieving quality results is a function of three factors: the right people, the right equipment, and the training. InterCon strives to place the right people in the right positions within the company to maximize results. From initial interviews, drug & alcohol prescreening, and jobsite orientation, InterCon’s commitment to its people has led to a dedicated, career-oriented workforce. 37% of its staff has over 10 years of service with the company. 15% have been with the company over 15 years. By acquiring and cultivating talented employees, InterCon’s field staff has both the team spirit and institutional knowledge to deliver a quality product each and every time. American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified professionals oversee every phase of our self-performed work.


COST: Self-performance also helps keep costs down. By owning its own equipment, InterCon is not susceptible to market swings in the construction equipment rental business. We have the right piece of equipment when we need it, where we need it. In addition, InterCon has invested heavily in its Information Technology systems. Field supervisors are now able to fully integrate real time job information into our project management software. The result: nearly instantaneous access to budget, scheduling, and other needed information.


SCHEDULE: Self-performance also speeds delivery of the project. Work is able to start earlier in the field and InterCon is able to manage the use of overtime labor achieving both time and money savings which are passed on to our partners. A typical day on a large job site could see three construction phases (slab pour, wall panel erection, and roof structure erection) taking place simultaneously. Overlapping these critical path activities saves time and money. Typically, tilt-wall projects take no more than 6 to 7 months to complete. This results in a great financial benefit to the owner by allowing their capital investment to begin working for them in a relatively short period of time. By maximizing self-performed work, InterCon assures fast track schedule completions as illustrated in our “CITA” Fast-track Management section.


SAFETY: InterCon also believes in leading by example. A full-time superintendent oversees every project to provide both safety information and enforcement of OSHA standards. By maintaining the highest safety standards among our own personnel, subcontractors see that we practice what we preach.


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