InterCon believes that the Pre-construction efforts put forth in the time leading up to the start of construction are critical to the project’s success. It is during this time that InterCon will work in conjunction with the design team to ensure that the mean and methods utilized for the project will result in a quality product that will meet and in most cases exceed the Owners’ expectations.

Our Constructability Review includes building systems, logistics, products, equipment and methods of project delivery. We will evaluate and make recommendations on the availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement and installation as well as factors related to cost.

With the use of information technology, InterCon has created a custom database of cost information utilizing Timberline Estimating. This database was created using historical data based on similar type projects and is updated with monthly unit pricing input from our Subcontractors and Suppliers. Our Timberline Modeling utilizes this most current market pricing allowing InterCon to provide accurate real time cost feedback for our clients that they can trust.




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