InterCon Building Corporation has achieved its success over the years by delivering a quality product, on time and within budget. Our hands-on approach to construction management helps us maintain the highest degree of attention to detail. Such detail-oriented techniques are the critical element in producing a level of value that meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.


Our approach to a project includes an efficient and effective partnering process that is built on open lines of communication between all parties. When InterCon performs work under a negotiated contract, the owner is involved in the design process immediately and stays involved throughout the building process. This allows the owner the ability to review the project at each stage of development and make decisions as design and budget issues arise.

To produce a quality product of value to the owner, we continue to utilize a tried-and-true construction process, which is based on strong continuous communications, up-front value engineering and fast track delivery.


InterCon consistently excels at maintaining the construction schedule where others fall short. This is accomplished by utilizing our own experienced personnel and self-performing critical aspects of the project including all major applications of concrete.


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