Safety & Risk Management

Safety Control

Safety Policy Statement:

InterCon takes pride in the quality products and services we provide to our clients. A key element of our
success is the safety and health of our employees. It is the policy of InterCon to provide a safe and
healthy work environment free from accidents and injury to our employees, our customers, our
subcontractors, and the public.

All employees are vital members of the company’s “safety team” and are responsible for their own safety
and the safety of others. We strive to eliminate unsafe acts, follow all safety procedures and report all
unsafe conditions. Management will provide safe equipment, supervision, safety training and will assure
compliance with all federal, state and local regulations that pertain to our industry.

A constant commitment to safety by all InterCon personnel is a vital element to the success of our daily
operations and to the overall success of our company.

Our goal is to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all employees and to eliminate accidents
and injuries in the workplace.

Safety Meetings and Inspections

Weekly Jobsite Safety Meetings
All Superintendents are required to hold weekly jobsite safety meetings for all InterCon and
subcontractors’ employees.

Project Manager Inspections
All Project Managers are required to conduct formal safety inspections at least once a month for every job
that is in progress. Checklists are provided and vary from month to month.

Corporate Management Unannounced Safety Inspections
Corporate management routinely visits all jobsites. Checklists are provided and written reports are filed.
These visits are not scheduled in advance and frequently vary between projects.

Loss Control Reports
Our insurance carrier conducts periodic inspections and submits written Loss Control Reports. After an initial review, the reports are forwarded to the appropriate Project Manager. After the entire report has been reviewed with the appropriate
Superintendent, a written response is filed to all of the recommendations submitted by the insurancecarrier.

Safety Manual and Material Safety Data Sheets
InterCon’s entire safety policy is set forth in the company Safety Manual which is required on all jobsites.

Driver’s License Record Checks
Yearly driver’s license checks are conducted on all company vehicle drivers.

Drug Testing
Pre-Employment and Random – see Substance Abuse policy.

Safety Reports/Files Reviewed
All safety reports/files and records are reviewed on a quarterly basis (minimum), unless items require his immediate attention.

Claims Management
All claims (worker compensation, general liability and auto liability) are closely monitored by management and the insurance carrier’s team of adjustors. Superintendents are required to report all incidents immediately so that the people involved receive prompt care and to help insure that the claim is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Experience Modification Rating
Monitoring a company’s Experience Modification Rating (E.M.R.) is important in managing Workmen’s
Compensation cost and how your loss prevention and control stacks up to other Companies. InterCon’s
industry-leading E.M.R. 0.81 rating is recognized by The National Council on Compensation Insurance
and demonstrates our commitment to safety as well as our dedication to maintaining the safest site
possible for your project and personnel.

Risk Management

Corporate Level Risk Management
InterCon’s risk management team and policies have the breadth and experience to handle matters related
to insurance coverage, claims, safety and loss control thus giving InterCon greater control in managing

General Liability Insurance
The Commercial General Liability policy provides protection to the organization for bodily injury and
property damage liability losses arising out of property it owns or leases.

Builders Risk
Builders risk insurance is a form of property insurance that covers property owners and builders for
projects under construction. It is “all risk coverage,” meaning that it protects you from events such as
vandalism, accidental losses and damages to the property. Because of the enormous risk of some jobs,
many lenders require that this coverage be purchased before they will approve a loan for the project.

Payment (Labor and Materials) Bond: A bond issued by a surety to the Owner and executed by the
Contractor to protect the payment of suppliers of labor, materials, and supplies on a construction project.
Performance Bond: A bond (insurance policy) issued by a surety to the owner and executed by the
Contractor to provide protection against the Contractor’s failure to perform a contract in which the
bidders are required to meet certain standards.

Surety Qualification
InterCon is bonded by the nation’s largest surety, Travelers Casualty & Surety Company of America.




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