Construction Services

InterCon is dedicated to providing excellent construction services to our clients. We consider construction services to be defined as the scheduling, estimating, procurement, execution and finally close-out where we hand the building over to the client.

InterCon is highly capable in every phase of this process. We accurately estimate each project and produce practical schedules that are driven by the client’s needs.

The execution of the project is where the rubber meets the road and where InterCon sets itself apart from other contractors. InterCon uses solid subcontractors, many who have been partners with us for years. These contractors know us and know what we expect from them. These partnerships are a key in producing quality construction while meeting scheduled deadlines.

Another quality that sets InterCon apart from its competitors is that InterCon self-performs 75% to 80% of the direct labor that goes into a project. By providing the majority of the labor in a project we are able to meet the construction schedules.

At the end of the project, InterCon’s goal is to turn over a building that not only meets, but exceeds the client’s expectations.




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